Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where is my Humbert Humbert?

Hi my name is Esther and I am a 9 year old orphan girl from Russia. The truth about I’ll share later.
My favorite movie is the tragicomedy Lolita. I love that movie so much. I like the 1962 version better than the 1997 remake version and the book even better. The author Vladimir Nabokov who wrote the book Lolita was also from Russia. She was 12 years old in the book; unlike in the movie she was 14 in the 1962 version and 13 in the 1997. You will understand soon enough why I like this movie.
My favorite song is Jimmy Durante’s Glory of Love. Here at the orphanage I sing this song in the bathroom to let the sisters know that I am ok. I also sing this song when I see a married couple approaching the orphanage as a way to get their attention so that I can get adopted.
Most do not understand me. What I want out of life is not what other little girls want. I do not care for dolls even though they are nice. I don’t care to play with other 9 year olds. I am different. Just let me tell you how different I really am.
What I want out of life is a family like anyone else. I sit back at times fantasying about having that perfect family while being with the love of my life. I see myself getting adopted by a couple who will accept me. It’s ok if they already have children even though I prefer if they do not. Once I get adopted and welcomed in the family, I hope that my stepdaddy is very much like Professor Humbert Humbert in the story of Lolita. I want to be my stepdaddy’s Lolita. Let me explain. In the story Lolita, Humbert had a secret love for 12 year old Dolores “Lolita” Haze so he married her mother Charlotte just be close to her daughter. When Lolita’s mother found out she was so upset that she ran out in the street and got hit by a car while Lolita was in summer camp.
Well my plan is a little different. I plan to manipulate situations until mommy and daddy are at odds at each other. Maybe even having mommy put away, or maybe she’ll die like Charlotte Haze did in the movie. Lolita was a flirtatious little teen. When daddy is in a vulnerable state I plan to seduce him, and if he is like Humbert Humbert then he will want me.
The truth is that I’m not a 9 year old girl, my name is Leena Klammer from Estonia and I have Hypopituitarism which makes me look 9. I am actually 33 years old and I never been with a man before, except my birth father and the johns that i was paid to have sex with. I want a man inside me badly, its been so long ago. If this man is the one, then I may tell him who I really am. My dream is that once mommy is gone then me and my man can pretend that we are father and daughter to fool the world, but behind closed doors he is my lover. This is what I want, a man like any other woman. I want him inside me while I ride him like a pony. I want to cuddle up with him at night, and if he has other children, then I’ll be their new mommy. I think I can pull it off when I get adopted again.
So far I haven’t had much luck. I was adopted a few times already and each time I was rejected by my current daddy. I went through all this trouble to get rid of the mommies I had. All I want is to be happy and they all denied me. Why can’t I find this Humbert Humbert? I feel like hurting everyone. So when I’m rejected out of anger I kill the whole family starting with daddy, then after I get all my rage out, I then burn the house to cover my tracts, just to wind up back at a orphanage. I hope this time it will be different.

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